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100% Chicken-Based Meals

100% Chicken Based Meals / Chicken Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal, Low Ash Chicken By-Product Meal, Feed-Grade Poultry Meal

Our meals are a sustainable resource for nutrient-rich proteins that have proven highly digestible for most species. We produce four different chicken-based meals: chicken meal, chicken by product meal, low ash chicken by product meal, and feed-grade poultry meal.

Chicken meal is made from premium parts. Chicken by product meals offer a variety of options to meet the needs of different animal protein requirements. Our low ash chicken by product meal is a good ingredient for species that requires less ash content for their specific health needs. We offer multiple options of target ranges and antioxidants for each of these ingredients.

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Target Range Maximums

  • Protein 65-70%
  • Ash 10.5-20%
  • Fat 11-17%
  • Moisture 3-8%
  • Screen US #10

Antioxidant Options

Pet-Ox Premium, Naturox TX
Premium, Rendox AT

Shipping Options

Super Stack    Truck

Rail Car