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Shipping & Packaging

We know that saving money is a big part of your business. That's why we offer a variety of packaging methods and modes of shipping.

We choose the best shipping method for each of our ingredients to ensure that they're fresh and to your specifications when you get them.

  • Our meals are packaged in sacks that can hold up to 2000 lbs. or bulk-loaded into trucks or shipping containers.
  • Our fats are packaged in bladders inside shipping containers or loaded into tanker trucks for transport.
  • Our blends are bulk-loaded into trucks or shipping containers.
  • Our frozen wet pet ingredients are 50 lb. nude blocks on shipping pallets.
  • Our fresh wet pet ingredients are 2000 lb. combos for transport in refrigerated trucks or in tanker trucks for domestic bulk transport.
  • Our dried chicken cartilage mix is packaged in 50 lb. bags on shipping pallets.

Contact us to learn more.

Orders can by shipped by rail or truck freight to your domestic location or to a sea port for international shipping. If you would like to speak to us about shipping and packaging options, just contact us – we're happy to help.

Frozen wet pet ingredients are 50 lb. nude blocks on pallets. Dried chicken cartilage mix is shipped in 50 lb. bags on pallets.
Combos for fresh wet pet ingredients hold 2000 lbs. and are specially designed to transport these products in refrigerated trucks.
Sacks hold 2000 lbs. of our dry meals.
Shipping containers transport ingredients in bulk, sacks, and bags on pallets. A bladder is used in the container to protect the fats from oxidation and contaminants. Containers can be transported by railroad or ship.
Tankers and hopper bottoms are used to transport bulk shipments within the U.S.
Railroad lines can be used to transport your order to your location or a ship port.
Orders can be transported by truck or railroad to ship ports.