Why Tyson

Mission our strategy

Accelerate growth in international poultry and domestic value-added products

  • Focus on China, Brazil, Mexico and India, building on existing relationships with key global customers to supply the growing global demand for protein
  • Grow our domestic business in prepared foods and value-added chicken
  • Increase our investment in sales and marketing
  • Manage our protein supply to maximize returns and capture the value of owning the raw materials we use to make value-added products

Innovate with products, processes and analytics

  • Use our existing capabilities – and invest more where required – to develop new products, categories and channels
  • Develop new proprietary ingredients and packaging for food safety and shelf life
  • Optimize existing processes to create the right product at the right cost
  • Maximize our use of business analytics and consumer insights

Cultivate our Team Members

  • Be passionate and practical about Team Member development
  • Maintain a thorough succession planning process
  • Prepare for international growth through a global cross-training program
  • While our Accelerate, Innovate and Cultivate strategy focuses on the future, we can't lose sight of the fundamentals that put us in a position to grow.
  • Maintain our strong balance sheet and manage our capital structure for sustained competitive advantage and opportunistic agility
  • Never lose focus on the business fundamentals and key metrics

Recipe for Success

  • Be our customer’ go-to supplier.
  • Grow our business.
  • Run commodity plants full.
  • Engage the fruit.
  • Always value up.
  • Totally drive out inefficiencies.